Update on NIFC’s Emergency Relief

New Israel Fund of Canada wants to update you on the emergency response efforts our brave colleagues in Israel are undertaking in response to the current crisis.

NIFC is supporting these efforts with emergency funds. We are grateful to our supporters who are making this possible.

Some examples of emergency initiatives launched in the past weeks:

-A mobile trauma relief unit is transporting first aid responders to peripheral areas of Israel where emergency relief is currently unavailable.

-A group of 40 rabbis organized 350 Jewish Israelis to visit the family of the Palestinian boy who was murdered prior to the conflict.

-A Russian-language hotline is now operating for recent immigrants in need of critical information on safety and trauma relief.

-Groups of residents are holding vigil over neighbourhood public spaces intended for shared use among Jewish and Arab-Israelis to prevent exhibitions of racism and violence.

-Shatil – NIFC’s partner in working with grassroots activists – has translated official government safety instructions in 10 languages for Israelis otherwise left uninformed.

-Israeli volunteers are getting trained to treat trauma victims in affected areas where need for relief is greatest.

We grieve for the loss of lives over the course of this conflict. We remain gripped by the concern over safety for every citizen of Israel.

NIFC’s strength lies in the close-knit ties with grassroots leaders dispersed across Israeli society. Partnerships established in peaceful times transform into reliable support when conditions are precarious.

As a community of supporters, we must work together with Israelis to address the root causes of prejudice and mistrust. These efforts will strengthen Israel for generations to come.

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