Social & Economic Justice

social and economic rights 13Israel’s economic reality includes the largest income gap between rich and poor of any developed nation. In response, NIFC nurtures organizations to address poverty, unemployment, homelessness and urban decay. We work to ensure equality for all Israelis- single parents, Israeli Arabs, new immigrants, the elderly and unemployed- by addressing the root causes of poverty so that they may live more equitable, just and dignified lives.

New Israel Fund of Canada
Social & Economic Justice Projects in 2013 

Integrated Leadership Training in the Field of Disabilities with SHATIL
Combatting Violence Among Arab Youth with Baladna
Community Action in the Periphery with Mahapach-Taghir
Outreach to Disadvantaged Citizens in the North and South with Social Economic Academy


Spotlight on>  Community Action in the Periphery
with Mahapach-Taghir

MahapachNew Israel Fund of Canada works with Mahapach-Taghir to strengthen and improve the scholastic abilities of underprivileged Arab-Israeli youth.

The Learning Community, a program with Mahapach-Taghir, aims to provide an educational infrastructure for children and adolescents in disempowered neighborhoods while encouraging community participation and leadership among local residents and students. By the middle of 2013, 50 children were active in the Learning Community in one community alone.

Fatima (name has been changed) was very shy and insecure when she started attending Learning Community activities at the start of the year. She comes from a Bedouin family – the most marginalized group in the town. As a result of her involvement in the Learning Community, her self-confidence grew, with her family and teachers noticing an improvement both socially and in her academic work. Finally, at a large community event, she represented the children and spoke on stage in front of the crowd.

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