The Freedom to Tell Our Stories

A good story can change the way we see each other.

Whether it is fiction, a memoir, or even the daily news, we find our hearts and minds opened when we hear about others’ experiences. Storytelling is integral to understanding the people around us, and broadens our perceptions of different cultures, moving us to connect. Continue reading

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Creating a Peaceful Future One Pupil at a Time

It’s common for Israelis to create WhatsApp groups to keep in touch. What’s uncommon is for a group of eighth and ninth grade Jewish and Arab high school pupils from Rosh Ha’ayin and Tira, to have met regularly over two years, and to have created a WhatsApp group together on their own initiative. Continue reading

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AG to Jerusalem Mayor: You Can’t Limit Freedom of Expression

In Israel, if you oppose a government policy and really want to make a point, the place to protest is Jerusalem, outside the Knesset or opposite the prime minister’s residence. Continue reading

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Arab Victim of Police Beating Visited by Tag Meir

An Arab man from East Jerusalem injured in an attack by an Israeli policeman received visitors to his hospital room from NIF partner Tag Meir. The activists offered him support and encouragement. Continue reading

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At the Helm of the Israeli Movement for Women’s Rights

What Will the Western Wall Be for Future Generations?

Lesley Sachs is one of those lucky people who has a mission in life.

“I believe I was put on earth to try to better society for future generations,” says the 58-year-old Israeli in a British accent. “I feel lucky that I can pursue this mission.” Continue reading

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Guest Post from NIFC Board Member Corey Shefman

Could it be possible that there is a silver lining to the election of Donald Trump?

No, you didn’t accidentally open the wrong newsletter. Hear me out on this.

The work we do here at NIFC, in partnership with our generous donors, talented staff, and partners in Israel and around the world, requires that the Canadian Jewish and progressive Zionist communities be engaged with the issues that matter to us. Continue reading

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Introducing the Jubilee Haggadah

In the Jewish tradition, the fiftieth year is the year of liberty. As written in Leviticus, “Sanctify the fiftieth year, and proclaim liberty throughout the land for all its inhabitants. It shall be a Jubilee for you.” This year marks the fiftieth year since the Six Day War. The time has come for liberty and peace.

SISO (Save Israel Stop the Occupation) is proud to present the Jubilee Haggadah, which conjoins the Jubilee commandment with the celebration of Passover, the festival of liberty. Continue reading

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A New Precedent in Public Housing

Meital Cohen celebrated last week’s precedent-setting announcement that at least 800 apartments in Tel Aviv will be dedicated to people like her who need public housing. The new neighborhood, as big as a city, is to be built on the grounds of Sde Dov, the Tel Aviv airport that is in the process of being dissolved. The neighborhood will also include 2100 affordable housing rentals that can be rented for 3,000 NIS per month. Continue reading

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Israeli Health System is Bright Spot for Shared Society

The Israel Religious Action Center (IRAC) has released a report (PDF) on Israel’s health industry that serves as a beacon of hope for supporters of shared society in Israel. According to the report released earlier this month, 11 percent of Israeli doctors are Arab, one of the highest Arab representations in an Israeli industry. Continue reading

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Israeli Teams Show Solidarity with Holot Detainees

Israeli soccer teams from across the country joined the New Israel Fund on March 21 to mark International Day for the Elimination of Racism with a solidarity visit to Israel’s Holot detention facility in the Negev Desert where about 4,000 African asylum seekers are being held. Continue reading

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