Annexation: Voices from the Centre and Right

By Joseph Steiner, NIFC Board Member

Since the release of Trump’s so-called “Peace to Prosperity” plan, liberal/progressive Zionists have been sounding the alarm. But what have Zionists of the centre and right been saying?

As it turns out, when it comes to annexation some voices on the left, centre and right have more in common than one would think. There is substantial opposition across the political spectrum, and though the reasons for it vary, what they have in common is a belief that Israel should not proceed with unilateral annexation of the West Bank because doing so is harmful to Israel.

This note examines three voices from the centre-right end of the political spectrum: one organization, AIPAC; and two individuals, Yossi Klein Halevi and Daniel Pipes.

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A Victory Against the Occupation – and the Fight Ahead

By Daniel Sokatch, CEO of the New Israel Fund

Earlier this month, Israel’s Supreme Court struck down a law known as the “Regularization Law.”

This terrible law was passed by the Knesset in 2017. Despite its Kafkaequse and numbingly bureaucratic nomenclature, opponents of the law called it what it was: an “Expropriation Law,” since it allowed for the retroactive legalization of West Bank settlements built illegally on privately-held Palestinian land. Continue reading

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Shatil Spotlight: Dr. Bishara Bisharat

It’s unlikely that, in his youth in Nazareth, Dr. Bishara Bisharat, the child of Palestinian refugees, imagined that one day he would be a senior physician in Israel, advising the government on the COVID-19 crisis at the highest levels.

But as he explained, “people with very little gave me a lot, and that motivated me to want to help others – so I decided to study medicine.” Continue reading

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Israel’s Supreme Court Strikes Down Illegal Settlement Regularization Law

On June 9, 2020, Israel’s Supreme Court ruled that the “Regularization Law” concerning West Bank land is “unconstitutional” and has ordered that it should be annulled. Eight judges in the nine-judge panel decided to strike down the law, which was intended to legalize otherwise illegal settlements, including settlements encroaching on land privately owned by Palestinians. Continue reading

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