2014 Projects Launch!

The beginning of every year is very meaningful for New Israel Fund of Canada. 2014’s projects are about to launch.

In four major areas of impact, NIFC is funding some of the most innovative and incisive initiatives in its history.

These projects are entirely funded by supporters who, over the past year, contributed to the progress, hope, and future of Israeli society.

I can’t wait to tell you about these projects! Before I do, here is how the year’s projects came to be. Over the course of the year, New Israel Fund’s community leaders and researchers determine first need and then potential initiatives across Israeli society.

Community leaders from diverse backgrounds offer on-the-ground insight into the needs of communities across geography, age, ethnicity, and religion. Among organizations in Canada, this type of research and determination of need from the ground-up is unparalleled.

Every year, NIFC funds projects in four different areas. These are: women’s rights, religious pluralism, social and economic justice, and civil liberties. Over nearly thirty years of the type of analysis and project-funding we have engaged in, there has been significant impact in each of these areas.

As a supporter, you should be very proud!

There are a number of projects I’m excited to tell you about. Over the course of the next few newsletters, I will spotlight them. Here is one:

Ne’emanei Torah V’Avoda, NTV for short. NTV’s mission is to offer alternatives to insularity and extremism for Orthodox young people.

NTV offers models of halachic lifestyles to young adults with a focus on pluralism, democracy, and modernity. It also focuses on families of young children – another demographic with potential to shift lifestyles – through alternatives to gender segregation starting in primary schools. The aim of these outreach efforts is to decrease dependence on the ultra-Orthodox State-run religious services.

NTV has been an effective leader in broadening the tent for Israel’s ultra-Orthodox communities. Itself versed and accustomed to Orthodox belief, NTV sits in a unique space in Israel, presenting alternatives to an extremist interpretation of Orthodoxy without losing legitimacy in the eyes of ultra-Orthodox.

Thank you to our board, staff, NIF partners, and, particularly, supporters like you for ushering in another year of project work on behalf of equality and democracy for all Israelis.

Orit Sarfaty
Executive Director

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