Introducing the Jubilee Haggadah

In the Jewish tradition, the fiftieth year is the year of liberty. As written in Leviticus, “Sanctify the fiftieth year, and proclaim liberty throughout the land for all its inhabitants. It shall be a Jubilee for you.” This year marks the fiftieth year since the Six Day War. The time has come for liberty and peace.

SISO (Save Israel Stop the Occupation) is proud to present the Jubilee Haggadah, which conjoins the Jubilee commandment with the celebration of Passover, the festival of liberty. Thirty authors, artists and thinkers from throughout the Jewish world have joined together — in commentary, song, and moral outcry — and proposed contemporary interpretations to the Haggadah. From Amos Oz to Sarah Silverman, Achinoam Nini to Leon Wieseltier, Anat Hoffman to Carol Gilligan, in this fiftieth year, liberty is proclaimed throughout the land for all its inhabitants.

The Haggadah is edited by Dr. Tomer Persico. The texts are rich, nuanced and diverse, and together with the original artwork and design (by leading Israeli graphic designer Michal Sahar) make this a beautiful work that invites reflection and conversation.

Buy the Jubilee Haggadah for $15 – or download a free version – at this link.

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