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Uplifting Social Change Organizations

Shatil has created its first ever Zoom course around strategies of community building to help social change organizations thrive and expand. One might assume that business and social change models are worlds apart, but there are business models that can be used to serve the world of social change organizations. Continue reading

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Interview with Sam Winer, outgoing NIFC New Gen Board Member

Sam has been in the New Gen seat on NIFC’s board for the last two years . He is leaving Toronto (and the Board) in August to pursue an MBA at Georgetown University. Here, Executive Director Ben Murane interviews Sam about his experience as a board member, and what advice he would give to future New Gen board members.  Continue reading

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Arab Israeli Mothers Demand Justice

Bereaved Arab Israeli mothers marched to the National Police Headquarters in Jerusalem earlier this month to protest growing violence in Arab Israeli society and to demand that the government and the Israeli Police form a plan of action to tackle the problem and “prevent the next murder.” Continue reading

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Normalization with the UAE Puts Annexation in the Ice Box – Where It Belongs.

By Daniel Sokatch, CEO of the New Israel Fund

Since Donald Trump unveiled his so-called “Peace to Prosperity” plan back in January of this year, we’ve been talking a lot about annexation. That’s because Trump’s plan, which had little to do with peace, contained a “conceptual map” that revealed its basic intention. It envisioned the West Bank carved up into a collection of non-contiguous islands of semi-autonomous Palestinian city-states, surrounded by a sea of Israeli sovereignty. It was a far cry from anything allowing for Palestinian self-determination, providing for a Palestinian “state” in name alone. Continue reading

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