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Strauss: Why I gave up life in Canada to fight for progressive values in Israel

Dafna Strauss has been a valued NIFC leader and has now moved to Israel to join so many other Israelis fighting for progressive values. Here, she reflects on her decision to make aliyah.

I was 15 years old when I heard that Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin had been shot and killed by a Jew. I was shocked, but a girl who I was with at a Bnei Akiva youth group program felt safe enough to publicly say that, “They shoulda got the bastard a long time ago.”

Her words shook me as much as the assassination itself. That she and I came from the same modern Orthodox community in the Toronto suburb of Thornhill made me question which of us truly belonged. Who had the right views on Israeli politics, and who had the right to have views? Continue reading

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Students, Teachers, and Mayors Mobilize Against Homophobia

Israeli mayors and educators mobilized to condemn homophobia after Israel’s interim Education Minister Rafi Peretz made hateful comments earlier this month about LGBTQ people. Peretz, who has previously voiced support for gay conversion therapy, was asked in an interview how he would react if one of his children was gay. He said, “Thank God my children grew up naturally and healthily, so there is no ‘if.’ A normative family is a man and a woman and it should be kept that way.”

In response, more than 3,000 students gathered in Tel Aviv to protest discrimination and hatred against Israel’s LGBT community. Continue reading

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2019 Achievements graphic

NIFC’s Top 8 Achievements in 2019

The New Israel Fund of Canada is based on a simple idea: People like you and me who care about Israel can join together, make strategic investments in social change, and help Israel to be a free and open society.

In 2019, you and nearly a thousand other Canadians like you funded 15 incredible projects in Israel, advancing equality, pluralism, and a better future. Each of these 15 projects offered us inspiring stories of success — too many to share in one email.

So here are just eight of our top achievements this year: Continue reading

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Aviv Tatarsky, Ir Amim – Part Three

Looking back on the past year, Ir Amim’s Aviv Tatarsky feels proudest of his and his colleagues’ involvement in connecting Israeli activists to East Jerusalem Palestinians and supporting them to act side by side against oppression. Continue reading

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