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NIFC’s Top 8 Achievements in 2019

The New Israel Fund of Canada is based on a simple idea: People like you and me who care about Israel can join together, make strategic investments in social change, and help Israel to be a free and open society.

In 2019, you and nearly a thousand other Canadians like you funded 15 incredible projects in Israel, advancing equality, pluralism, and a better future. Each of these 15 projects offered us inspiring stories of success — too many to share in one email.

So here are just eight of our top achievements this year: Continue reading

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Aviv Tatarsky, Ir Amim – Part Three

Looking back on the past year, Ir Amim’s Aviv Tatarsky feels proudest of his and his colleagues’ involvement in connecting Israeli activists to East Jerusalem Palestinians and supporting them to act side by side against oppression. Continue reading

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Shmuel Shattach, Ne’emanei Torah Va’Avoda – Part Three

This past year has seen growing public legitimacy for the work of Ne’emanei Torah Va’Avodah (NTA,) a moderate voice in Israel’s religious community. One example: On Sukkot, NTA published an insert in the widely read religious, nationalist, conservative newspaper Makor Rishon on why religious families should send their children to liberal, open-minded schools. The supplement included articles by rabbis and other religious leaders who in the past refused to be publicly associated with NTA and its liberal worldview. Continue reading

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Tamar Rechnitz, Tag Meir – Part Three

In addition to seeing people’s minds and hearts open when attending Tag Meir’s teacher trainings, what made Tamar Rechnitz happiest this year is the addition of a second staff person to the organization’s education efforts. Continue reading

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