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Our Featured Leaders in Canada: Trudy Shecter

Continuing our series of profiles of NIFC leaders, this month we focus on Trudy Shecter.
Trudy Shecter is NIFC’s newest board member, joining the board in 2019.  But she has been active in the organization for many years, going back further than almost anyone else in Canada.  She served as NIFC’s very first national director more than thirty years ago.  In more recent years she has continued to be an active fundraiser.
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Standing with Israelis in Times of Crisis

By Ben Murane, Executive Director

As COVID-19 spreads in countries around the globe, it is affecting us all in profound ways. As schools close, many of us are adapting to being home with our kids and to new habits of “social distancing.” We are trying to adapt to a “new normal” that continues to change and doesn’t feel “normal” at all. For my spouse and I, it’s been an adjustment to split our time at home between working remotely and tending to an energetic toddler.

NIFC is taking precautions to ensure that our staff and partners around the world stay as safe as possible and to ensure that, in Israel, we are part of the solution to the crisis. Continue reading

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Guiding Civil Society Through the COVID-19 Crisis

While the COVID-19 virus is swiftly shutting down more of everyday life in Israel, NIF’s action arm Shatil is working intensively – and remotely – to provide leadership and assistance for Israel’s social change community. Continue reading

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Keeping Homes Connected to Electricity

Following emergency coronavirus discussions by the Israel Electric Corporation board of directors, chairman Yiftah Ron-Tal has instructed the company not to disconnect electricity of consumers with unpaid bills and to provide emergency codes for those who pay through meters. Continue reading

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