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Tamar Rechnitz – Part Two

Four years ago, Tag Meir decided it wanted to influence children and youth through the education system, something new for them. 

“Tag Meir is a kind of rapid response organization,” says Tamar Rechnitz, the organization’s education director. “Our solidarity visits happen within 24-48 hours after a hate crime. It’s activist, on-the-ground, there’s lots of press. 

Education is the opposite. It’s proactive. It’s slow, you need to plan in advance. It’s a different DNA. No press, no media, the door is closed. Activist groups often work against the authorities; I work with them, they are partners.” Continue reading

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Aviv Tatarsky – Part Two

As a researcher and analyst in the advocacy department of Ir Amim,  Aviv Tatarsky keeps the organization updated on Israeli actions in East Jerusalem – both settler initiatives and actions by the authorities such as home demolitions and evictions – so the staff can work to prevent them. 

This means spending a good amount of time in the eastern part of the city, including on the Temple Mount, where he works to understand one group of his adversaries, the Temple Mount activists. They want to see the rebuilding of the Third Temple and Aviv says they are getting stronger and enjoy government support.  Continue reading

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Meet Samara, NIFC’s summer intern

This summer, NIFC was lucky to have Samara Lewis, a student at Carleton University, join us for a four-month internship. Samara is studying Global and International Studies with a specialization in Global Development and a Minor in African Studies, and is going into her fourth and final year of school. Thank you, Samara!

Q&A with NIFC’s summer intern, Samara
Why did you want to intern at New Israel Fund of Canada?
I wanted to intern at NIFC this summer for a couple of reasons.  Firstly, I really like the work they do in Israel funding a variety of different projects for all groups, and I also like how they keep Canadians in the loop with what is going on in the ever-changing political situation over there. Secondly, working for NIFC was a great experience working in a field that I will hopefully will end up in, and I was given a ton of opportunities to learn the inner workings of an organization. Continue reading

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Fair Policing for All Israelis

NIFC’s project partner, the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI), and the Association of Ethiopian Jews (AEJ) have petitioned the Supreme Court to limit the Israeli police practice of profiling people and demanding ID papers.

Such police conduct has increased in recent weeks despite the Justice Ministry’s recommendations that these behaviors be curtailed. The recommendations were issued last month by a Justice Ministry committee headed by Director Emi Palmor following the recent demonstrations by Israeli-Ethiopians protesting the killing of unarmed members of their community by the police. Continue reading

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