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An Emergency Government and the Path Ahead

By Daniel Sokatch, CEO of the New Israel Fund

Finally, 484 days and three elections after the Israel’s last elected government was dissolved, a deal was struck earlier this week between Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party and Blue and White party Chairman Benny Gantz.

Both parties cited the need for national unity in the face of the coronavirus pandemic as the rationale for the agreement. Sixteen months of political turmoil appear to have come to an end. Continue reading

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Fair Policing for All Israelis

NIFC’s project partner, the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI), and the Association of Ethiopian Jews (AEJ) have petitioned the Supreme Court to limit the Israeli police practice of profiling people and demanding ID papers.

Such police conduct has increased in recent weeks despite the Justice Ministry’s recommendations that these behaviors be curtailed. The recommendations were issued last month by a Justice Ministry committee headed by Director Emi Palmor following the recent demonstrations by Israeli-Ethiopians protesting the killing of unarmed members of their community by the police. Continue reading

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Partners in Courage Live Stream

Continue reading

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Seventh Annual Shira Herzog Symposium Announced

Every day, extraordinary and committed people devote themselves to creating a more just and equal society in Israel.

Meet three individuals whose powerful work alters the way he see and understand social change in Israel. Ayelet Waldman, writer and editor of Kingdom of Olives and Ash; Mutasim Ali, leading activist of Israel’s African asylum seeker community; and Peter Beinart, well-known political commentator and author of The Crisis of Zionism will join us for this seventh annual Shira Herzog Symposium. Continue reading

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