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Request for Proposals – Market Research & Positioning Study

New Israel Fund of Canada seeks to partner with an experienced research and marketing firm to conduct intensive research programs based on two very important needs, image/perception research and donor base research. The research findings and reports should help lead to the development of brand identity, key messaging components, fundraising target and strategy and communication materials for the organization.

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Questions submitted by applicants:


1. Language: is there any preference to use English, Hebrew, or Russian in interviews, focus groups or other tools?
English is preferred.

2. Geographical scope: based on Jewish communities’ demographics, Calgary and Winnipeg happen to be among the largest Jewish communities in Canada. Would you like to include them in the study?
Please use your best judgment and include in your proposal.

3. Budget: would you be able to inform of the budget range for this study?
Consultants’ methodology will inform budget. Please itemize budget per task and per consultant-hour.

4. Can you disclose the budget/budget range that NIFC has allocated for this opportunity? If so – what is it?
We will look to the expertise and guidance of applicants’ proposed methodology for their recommended budget. Please be sure to itemize budget per task and per consultant as well an ancillary expenses (i.e., travel, etc.)


5. When would this project need to start and when would it need to be completed by?
We are prepared to commence with the project as soon as the selection is made and a contract signed. The applicant’s methodology will determine an appropriate timeline. That said, our expectation is to receive a draft final report no later than October.

6. Who will be the Project Sponsor?
Orit Sarfaty will be the project manager for the study.

7. What resources, both informational and support staffing (if any), will be provided by NIFC?
NIFC will arrange interviews with stakeholders. NIFC will arrange any facility rentals should that be necessary. NIFC will also make its offices available for in-person interviews if necessary.


NIFC will not be limiting the number of firms who can submit proposals.

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