Upcoming Israel Tours

One-Day Study Tour: February 27, 2020

Join us in late February for a one-day tour with NIFC’s Executive Director Ben Murane. We’ll visit with Canadian-funded projects in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv and meet civil society leaders on the ground. 

E-mail leah@nifcan.org for more information.

Five-Day Study Tour: May 17-21, 2020

Join other like-minded liberal Canadians on a unique, five-day exploration of social social change in Israel. Meet with activists, attorneys, and Knesset members working on Israel’s most pressing social issues. As of March 9, our tour is going ahead as scheduled.

Click here for details and registration.

Naomi Chazan Fellowship: 2020-2021

This annual fellowship for 20s/30s leaders includes a subsidized study tour. Due to COVID-19, our upcoming fellowship and study tour dates have been postponed. You can express your interest in the fellowship here — that way we can be in touch with you as soon as our new fellowship dates are scheduled. 

Click here for more details about the fellowship.

One-Day Study Tour: July 2020

Join us in the summer for a one-day tour with NIF supporters from around the world. We’ll meet civil society leaders and understand the issues on the ground.

E-mail leah@nifcan.org for more information.

Year-Round Opportunities

Visiting Israel another time? NIFC is on the ground all year long and we can connect you to half-day tours and other goings on. If you’re a current donor, we can also arrange site visits and meetings with Israeli leaders for you and your family.

Email ben@nifcan.org for more information.

Contact Us

Contact Leah Breslow at leah@nifcan.org with any questions about these and other opportunities to see the work of NIFC on the ground and learn more about social change in Israel. 

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