demolished houses in the mixd city of Lod March 2011.Photo by Eyal WarshavskyAs Israel faces a myriad of challenges, New Israel Fund of Canada is committed to empowering some of the most marginalized communities in the country. Today, we are supporting organizations and projects that are working for a more equal and democratic society in Israel.
Take a look at some of the projects we are currently working on to help create the Israel we all know to be possible.

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Civil & Human Rights

NIFC believes that we have to work in the educational arena to nurture appreciation and understanding for human and civil rights. We’re out in the field educating students, social workers, prison employees and teachers about the rights of the people they serve. This work is at the core of our identity as a cutting-edge organization taking on the most difficult issues.

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Social & Economic Justice

Many organizations provide charity to the chronically underprivileged sectors of Israeli society.  But New Israel Fund of Canada (NIFC) focuses on the root causes of poverty and injustice by giving a voice to the voiceless and by building and strengthening social justice organizations that focus on the societal issues that perpetuate the cycle of poverty.

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Religious Pluralism & Tolerance

Today, Jews of all types are connecting or reconnecting to their Judaism in programs supported by New Israel Fund of Canada (NIFC). Immigrants from the former Soviet Union are setting up vibrant spiritual communities and discovering their Jewish heritage. Non-orthodox streams of Judaism are making a major impact on Israel’s education system with dozens of schools and kindergartens educating thousands of the country’s schoolchildren.

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Women’s Rights

NIFC strengthens women’s roles at work, at home, and in the public sphere. We combat gender segregation, the exclusion of women in communities across Israeli society and work to correct institutionalized wage gaps. By nurturing new leadership among women and educating Israelis about women’s rights, NIFC has pioneered funding and support for an array of organizations in Israel working for women’s equality.

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