2019 Funded Projects in Israel

When you support the New Israel Fund of Canada, you’re supporting a network of organizations and activists working on the ground in Israel to bridge divides and advance civil rights. Your contribution promotes democracy, equality and justice across the country, and for all of Israel’s diverse citizens.

Meet four incredible individuals driving some of the New Israel Fund of Canada’s projects this year and fighting for democracy the day after elections. Click here to meet all four.

In 2019, the New Israel Fund of Canada is funding these fifteen remarkable projects in Israel with organizations fighting for democracy and equality:


Civil and Human Rights

The Association for Civil Rights in Israel
Public Education for Democracy and Human Rights

The Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) is the country’s largest and oldest civil liberties organization and has won precedent-setting litigation on nearly every social issue. One of our two projects in 2019 with ACRI provides teacher training and resources for a national day of democracy education on International Human Rights Day.

Ir Amim: “City of Nations”
Public Education and Research on Palestinian Rights in East Jerusalem

Ir Amim, whose name means “City of Nations,” seeks to make Jerusalem more equitable for Palestinian residents through policy monitoring and public education. Our 2019 project focuses on educating the public about Jerusalem’s challenges, legal aid to East Jerusalem residents, and research on public policy issues.

Physicians for Human Rights-Israel (PHR)
Providing Medical Services to Disadvantaged Population Groups

Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) delivers medical services to and raises awareness about underserved populations in Israel. It is also the only Israeli organization authorized to provide medical relief in the Gaza Strip. In 2019, their mobile clinics will serve uninsured and stateless residents of Israel, such as asylum seekers, as well as Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza.

Tag Meir: The Light Tag Forum
Solidarity Visits to Victims and Survivors of Racial Violence Incidents

Tag Meir is a coalition, comprised of 48 organizations from across the religious-secular spectrum, that works to combat “price tag” attacks and hate crimes. In 2019, our project will provide urgent response visits to Jewish and Palestinian victims of hate crimes, as well as events that demonstrate solidarity between all types of Israelis.

The Association for Civil Rights in Israel
Defending Human Rights in the Occupied Territories

The Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) is the country’s largest and oldest civil liberties organization and has won precedent-setting litigation on nearly every social issue. One of our two projects in 2019 with ACRI mitigates human rights violations in the West Bank and East Jerusalem through legal aid, supports research to benefit public policy, and educates the public about these issues.

Assistance to Organizations working with Refugees and Asylum Seekers

Shatil is the operating arm of the New Israel Fund that strengthens forces building a just, democratic and shared society in Israel. On the heels of the successful cancellation of last year’s government deportation plan, Shatil in 2019 will strengthen the capacity of organizations that help the 35,000 African asylum seekers in Israel.


Religious Pluralism 

Ne’emanei Torah Va’avodah
Strengthening Moderation in the National-Religious Education System

NTA strengthens moderate voices in religious-Zionist schools and combats extremism in the Orthodox community. Our 2018 project includes training and supporting teachers who espouse tolerance and democracy, as well as evaluation of curricula to support women’s rights and liberal values.


Social and Economic Justice 

Arab Center for Alternative Planning (ACAP)
Increasing the Housing Supply in the Arab Sector

ACAP represents the interests of Arab citizens of Israel on planning and development issues. Our 2019 project works with eight towns to provide leaders with the necessary expertise to navigate bureaucracy to increase their housing supply.

Equal Representation in the Media

Sikkuy is an organization that promotes equality between Jewish and Arab citizens. Our 2019 project monitors Arab appearances in Hebrew media and expands an existing database of Arab experts, which journalists and cultural organizers can draw on to increase Arab representation.

Bimkom – Planners For Planning Rights
Recognition of Bedouin Villages in the Negev

Bimkom – Planners for Planning Rights strengthens democracy and human rights in the field of special planning and housing policies. Our 2019 project works with the unrecognized Bedouin villages of Umm Etnan, Ras a-Jarba, and al-Zarnuk to create development plans and realize their rights.

Givat Haviva – The Center For A Shared Society
Heart to Heart Alumni Program

Givat Haviva – The Center for Shared Society helps break down barriers between divided groups in Israel through cross-community projects and promotion of Jewish-Arab dialogue. In 2019, our project will launch an alumni program in Israel for past participants of the Toronto-based Heart to Heart program for Jewish and Palestinian teens.

Tmura – The Israeli Antidiscrimination Legal Center
Legal Representation for Victims of Discrimination and Civil Rights Violations

Tmura – The Israeli Antidiscrimination Legal Center provides legal aid and assistance to weak and silenced populations. In 2019, Tmura will provide legal assistance to help individuals and groups faced with discrimination or civil rights violations to claim compensation.

Human Rights Hotline for the Disabled

Bizchut is the most experienced disability rights organization in Israel today, representing persons across the entire spectrum of disabilities through a human rights perspective. In 2019, our project will conduct a Human Rights Hotline to assist people with disabilities in realizing their full rights and entitlements.


Women’s Rights 

Adva Center
Public Education for Access to Social and Economic Rights

Adva Center monitors inequality in Israel’s budgets and social services and its educational programs empower marginalized groups to understand policy-making and initiate change. Our 2019 project includes trainings for disadvantaged groups in 20 different outlying communities, two dozen research papers, and new research on unequal funding for women’s health issues.

Mavoi Satum
Helping Women Denied a Divorce

Mavoi Satum provides legal and emotional support to secular and religious women who have been refused a divorce and seeks a solution to the problem of divorce refusal. In 2019, our project will provide legal and counseling services for women to fight for their “get” and cope with their situation as independent women.


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