2019 Featured Projects – Meet These Israeli Defenders of Democracy

Israelis are headed to the polls on September 17th – for the second time this year. The last round of elections and their aftermath were worrying for liberal supporters of Israel: incitement against minorities, efforts to override the High Court, and promises of annexation.

Now Israelis have a second chance to choose a different path forward. What are Israelis going to choose? Will Israel move closer or further away from its founding values of equality and pluralism?

Right-wing populism and extremism of all kinds continue to threaten the core values of democracy, equality, and justice in Israel. But these struggles have never been about the outcome of one election and we are focused on the day after elections.

Meet four incredible individuals driving some of the New Israel Fund of Canada’s 15 funded projects this year and fighting for democracy every day, before and after the elections.

Tamar Rechnitz

Tag Meir

Tamar, 37, is education director of Tag Meir (Light Tag), a coalition of 48 organizations that immediately responds to racist “Price Tag” actions in Israel. She grew up in an Orthodox, right-wing family… Read more

Dr. Mushira Aboo Dia

Physicians for Human Rights – Israel

Dr. Mushira Aboo Dia, 40, is an Israeli Palestinian whose Hebrew is better than her Arabic. Five of her of 14 siblings converted to Judaism and six of them served in the IDF… Read more

Aviv Tatarsky

Ir Amim

Aviv Tatarsky is a nonviolent warrior. A veteran martial arts instructor, he fights with all his might for a better, more peaceful future for Israelis and Palestinians… Read more

Shmuel Shattach

Ne’emanei Torah Va’Avodah

Shmuel Shattach was all set to follow in his bankers’ family’s footsteps when Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated… Read more

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