2019 Featured Activists - Meet the Defenders of Democracy

In May, Israel was rocked by reports that the Prime Minister was about to clinch a political deal to override the Supreme Court and shield himself from corruption indictments. We also saw efforts to intimidate minority voters with hidden cameras and deals to elect Kahanists. 

Then the unprecedented happened – the Prime Minister won the election but failed to form a coalition. Just this month, he failed to do so again. 

Right-wing populism and extremism of all kinds continue to threaten the core values of democracy, equality, and justice in Israel. But these struggles have never been about the outcome of one election and we are focused on the day after elections.

Meet four incredible individuals driving some of the New Israel Fund of Canada’s 15 funded projects this year and fighting for democracy every day, before and after the elections.

Tamar Rechnitz - Tag Meir

Tamar knows how important education is in the fight against racism. One teacher shared this response after a Tag Me’ir training: “I thought I had to be racist because we are the chosen people. Suddenly, I understand there is another way.”

Aviv Tatarsky - Ir Amim

“Being on the ground helps me see things as they really are and to convey those facts, Aviv says. “Ir Amim is saying that Palestinians are connected to Jerusalem just as Israelis and Jews are…”

Shmuel Shattach - Ne'emanai Torah V'Avodah

“People who are your adversaries on three issues can become your ally on a fourth,” Shmuel says. “In the media, it looks like we’re against Haredim, but we’re not. It’s not black and white. There are good people everywhere.” 

Dr. Mushira Aboo Dia - Physicians for Human Rights

Dr. Mushira Aboo Dia shares her outlook: “I don’t see any person as my adversary.” Her allies are “all the people who really believe that everyone deserves medical care and basic human rights.”

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