Shared Society: 2017 Success Story

Palestinian Landowners Are Allowed to Access Their Land

Palestinians who have land in the West Bank do not have free access to their land, are harassed by settlers, and have their produce stolen or destroyed. And the army does too little too late to protect them.

While the Sadeq family is required to coordinate all agricultural activities with the IDF, settlers have free access to the land. In September 2017, the family was given permission to access their land to pick almonds. But soon after the almond picking started, settlers arrived, one of them shouting, “We will burn you like they burned Dawabsheh!” The army was called, but no settlers were detained. Twelve uprooted olive trees and new agricultural incursions were discovered.

For the past twelve year, Haqel lawyer, Adv. Mishirqi-Assad, has represented the Sadeq family in their fight to keep their land. After this incident, he submitted a letter of complaint regarding the attack on the family and the ineffectiveness of the army in bringing justice to the perpetrators.

Following the submission of the letter, the family succeeded in harvesting most of their almonds.

Haqel will continue its work to ensure free access for the Sadeq family and other landowners in the Jalud Valley.

The Sadeq family’s land is located in the area in which the new Amichai settlement is being constructed. Haqel has filed a petition against the building of the settlement.

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