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Dr. Mushira Aboo Dia, PHRI – Part Two

In November, the New Israel Fund in the UK will bestow upon Physicians for Human Rights Israel (PHRI) their Human Rights Award for 2019. As chair of the PHRI board, Dr. Mushira Aboo Dia will attend the ceremony and accept the award on behalf of the organization. It would be hard to think of a more deserving candidate.  Continue reading

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Dr. Mushira Aboo Dia, PHRI – Part One

Dr. Mushira Aboo Dia, 40, is an Israeli Palestinian whose Hebrew is better than her Arabic. Five of her of 14 siblings converted to Judaism and six of them served in the IDF. That may sound unusual to you and me, but to Mushira it’s the natural outcome of growing up in Jewish schools and neighbourhoods. She and her siblings lit Chanukah candles, dressed up for Purim and welcomed the Sabbath Queen at school, like all the other kids. Mushira considered serving in the army herself.

“It’s not easy to straddle the fence your whole life, being neither here nor there, knowing that I never really belonged to any group. I can understand their [her siblings’] choice,” Mushira told Haaretz in February. Continue reading

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