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Tamar Rechnitz, Tag Meir – Part Three

In addition to seeing people’s minds and hearts open when attending Tag Meir’s teacher trainings, what made Tamar Rechnitz happiest this year is the addition of a second staff person to the organization’s education efforts. Continue reading

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Tamar Rechnitz, Tag Meir – Part Two

Four years ago, Tag Meir decided it wanted to influence children and youth through the education system, something new for them. 

“Tag Meir is a kind of rapid response organization,” says Tamar Rechnitz, the organization’s education director. “Our solidarity visits happen within 24-48 hours after a hate crime. It’s activist, on-the-ground, there’s lots of press. 

Education is the opposite. It’s proactive. It’s slow, you need to plan in advance. It’s a different DNA. No press, no media, the door is closed. Activist groups often work against the authorities; I work with them, they are partners.” Continue reading

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Tamar Rechnitz, Tag Meir – Part One

If all of Am Yisrael (the Jewish people) could display the same tolerance and ahavat chinam (causeless love) as Tamar Rechnitz’s family, we’d be a step closer to the Messianic age. 

Tamar, 37, is education director of Tag Meir (Light Tag), a coalition of 48 organizations that immediately responds to racist “Price Tag” actions in Israel. She grew up in an Orthodox, right-wing family in the West Bank town of Efrat, and attended a religious girls’ high school founded by former American Rabbi Shlomo Riskin. Two of her brothers, one of whom is a religious court judge, are “on the very conservative end of the right.” But the family remains close, with frequent visits and respectful discussions. Continue reading

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