2018 Featured Projects – Meet These Israeli Trailblazers

The story of Israel is made up of people from many different paths.

But not all of their stories are well known. From Mizrahi Jews to Palestinian citizens, Ethiopian and Russian-speaking immigrants, women and LGBTQ people, these leaders have fought to blaze trails for inclusion, for equality, and for social change.

NIFC is proud to stand with trailblazers from these communities as they press for a better Israel. This fall, we are telling the stories of leaders from our 2018 projects who represent the diversity and strength of Israeli civil society.

Click to learn more about these Israeli trailblazers:  Batya Kahane-Dror - 2018 Trailblazer  Ghere Trailblazer
Batya Ghere
 Edan Ring - 2018 Trailblazer  Nisreen Alyan - 2018 Trailblazer
Edan Nisreen

These stories include women in Israel like Batya, who help women chained to their husbands by Jewish law and who fight the religious establishment to win divorces.

They include African refugees like Ghere, who for ten years have fought to claim their rights to asylum in Israel and whose fates remain in limbo.

They include Jewish citizens like Edan, who insist on equality for Palestinian citizens and their equal representation in news media, not only as “Arabs” but as experts on medicine, high tech, culture, and every other topic.

And they include human rights lawyers like Nisreen, who refuse to believe that the conflict is a zero-sum-game or that military occupation must be permanent.

The New Israel Fund of Canada is committed to an Israel in which everyone has a future. When you support the New Israel Fund of Canada, you’re supporting a network of organizations and activists working on the ground in Israel to bridge divides and advance civil rights.

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